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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cliff notes update

We got walloped with another round of sick here in the Pezzawrence household.  I acupunched my sinus funk with acupuncture and chinese herbs which was pretty great. Its still taking a while to get 100% but it really helped alleviate the sinus pressure and the body aches. The herbs are a pill form so you don't need to "taste" them...However, if I ever burped after downing the pills, I wanted to pass out because those are some dragon fire gnarly tastes/smells.

Coach K and Landry came to the 801 for a swim meet so we got to do a little visit with them.  Landry hung out with Dman on Sunday so we could all go for a little spin.

We also had dinner with the Woodies on Saturday. So great to see our friends. (Get by with a little help from our friends...) Woody chuffed up some serious ribs and then we freaking watched Pretty Woman. Yep, even Woody and the Hubs. In act, they actually started it while J9 and I were in the kitchen.

Anyway, turns out watching Pretty Woman with your best buds is still just as freaking awesome as it was when I first watched it with best friends in 8th grade. Who knew? So was a good and needed friend sesh...

We are slowly on the mend here...Lots of coughing and lots of tissues...but hopefully progressing on the path to health...We are green smoothie'ing the crap out of ourselves and trying to get rest. I'm not sure if the spring time temperatures are helping or hurting. Its weird. Also awesome.

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