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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dman's Bio

Our awesome Durango friends gave us a sweet super pro skinsuit for Dman...We tried it on the other night. O to the M to the G. So pro.
Dmitri Lawrence (USA)
Date of Birth: July 4, 2012
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, UT
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 34 lbs
Education: Miss Billie's Kids Kampus, Lady Bugs class
Favorite foods: hot dogs (organic of course, don't judge)
Favorite activities: Eating snacks, playing legos, going to the park, jumping in puddles
Favorite book: Good Night Good Night Construction Site; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo
Strengths: climbing (playgrounds), sliding, jumping; sleeping through the night
Career highlights: Balanced on Strider bike halfway down the street this month; rode on a pump track; rode/walked bike off curb; Counting to 5; saying "please"
2014 Goals: Control speed wobbles; stay up later; reduce spinach intake to zero; ride bike down front steps

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