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Friday, October 11, 2013

New ways to feel bad about myself

OK not really, but I have been engaging in some new, challenging and type 2 fun activities...Take this morning for example...I went to a core fusion class with Mrs. Jowegawa and uber Katy A...The class is taught by one of Mrs. Jowegawa's fellow dancers...And she was gnarly. Exhibit A
Instructor Jenny with Katy and Mrs. Jowegawa. Not pictured: me, barely able to hold up my phone to take the picture

I was a junk show but it was awesome music and good to get back to doing that off-season core stuff that ends up being pretty important later on...

After the class we met up with neighbor Ann and busted a move up to Mt. Wire. Mrs. Jowegawa headed back down the trail but urged us to make a loop out of the hike...Never has downhill been so full-on. So steep...toward the end Katy just led us the cross country off-road route because it was gnarly...But yeah it was a great day, super beautiful...and way fun to get out with these cool chickies.

In other news, we had our first day care "incident"...Dman bit another kid. When the teacher told me my first instinct was to ask what the other kid did to provoke him (great- I'm turning into THAT mom)...Luckily I got my shit together and apologized first and then asked what happened. The teacher was very cool about it and didn't make me feel any worse than I already felt.

I told the Hubs about it when he got home. He tried to have a talk with Dman. Mel and Newbs both pointed out that at this age they are like dogs and you can only serve up discipline when they are immediately caught in the act. Otherwise they don't know what the f you are talking about.
IMHO he seemed contrite.

Agro biting booble

Otherwise, the cooler weather has brought out the hats and some new hand-me-downs. Hell yeah...We are loving Coach K's sock monkey hat and Lio's patagucci hand-me-down. Fall uniform!

Getting ready to unpack some cupboards before leaving for daycare
Best combo ever? Chins and grins!


Marilee said...

He is so freaking cute!

tiffp said...

Thanks Zia Meme!

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