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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rejoining the ranks

We have been in the trenches for the past week battling hand, foot and mouth disease here in the Pezzawrence household.  The parade of weird animal diseases continues (The Booble contracted Parvovirus not even a month ago). To clarify, these aren't the actual animal diseases as those are different strains altogether (parvovirus and hoof and mouth disease)--but they were gnarly all the same.

I'm starting to really dislike daycare.

In any case...without miring into the gore...we had a ROUGH week...Barfing, rashes and serious discomfort on the part of the Booble. A trip to the ER and a trip to the doctors...He just wanted to be held ALL THE TIME and was soooo un-psyched :( And then there was no eating and barely any drinking--Someone is definitely at his fighting weight: (Lookout the Booble is going to be dropping those little germy a-holes at daycare on all the climbs).

As the Prof would say, long story short: It sucked. The Hubs and I are both exhausted and trying to not let ourselves get sick or fired from our jobs...And I'm really MAD that this happened. Because that's a really logical way to respond. Easier to be mad than scared though I guess...Super appreciative for all the friend and family check-ins...Especially Mrs. Jowegawa who came to hang out with the Booble for a few hours to allow Steve and I to get a few hours at work.

Bad. Times.
The good news is that the Booble is pretty much back to normal and has returned to the petrie dish (aka daycare) today. I want to put him in a bubble.
Welcome back Booble!

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WaltSyd said...

He'll be stronger if he gets sick while young!

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