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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Reluctant Penguin

Fall in the beehive! 
We had our first bona fide Halloween activity here in the 801.

Dman's daycare had a Halloween parade which I left work early for today.  I wasn't going to go but then I was worried he would be the only kid who didn't have a parent coming to the parade (at 4 pm!) and subsequent activities.  I had to convince some awesome co-workers to move around some stuff so I could leave and they were cool enough to acquiesce.

I sent Dmitri to daycare with a penguin costume courtesy of Nonna. All the parents (like a bajillion--parking was a nightmare) were waiting in the courtyard. The parade started with the littlest kids. Freaking adorable.  Dman's class was next.

Just keep your eyes on Dorothy and the sombero
Still doing ok...even though the costume is all jacked up (can't see the beak)
He was doing pretty good until I tried for some close up photos...

Game. Over.
So then I was trying to walk around the yard with him but he was just losing his shit. In front of what felt like 6 million parents.

I ended up just picking him up and we were shuffled inside for a magic show...

Not too stoked
The magician was no Gob Bluth--but he wasn't bad...For Dman's part, he was still losing his shit and finally got me to help him rip his costume off. Another mom was sitting with her little girl (a leopard), she saw his costume on the ground and said "Oh its the reluctant penguin!" (probably referring to the parade antics?)

Much happier sans costume
He sort of sat in my lap and then needed to be free. But couldn't really do this sitting thing like most of the other kids.

This is not going awesome

We made it through about ten minutes before bailing (no! we didn't stay for face painting! no! we didn't stay for the haunted house!). I sort of feel like a failure and like a crap parent since I didn't force Dman to partake in the additional activities...But he seemed psyched to come home and play with his new "dog."

Playing with Auntie Mel's latest gift a.k.a.  her not-so-secret attempt to change how I feel about most dogs by manipulating my kid
Dman eventually got into the Halloween spirit practicing his pre-bath vanishing act.

I think he's got Magician's Alliance potential! You should see what he can do with a piece of bread!
Oh yes, Halloween is actually tomorrow, but I assume since it is SUCH a big deal here in Utah, they had to do something the day before since most kids will be leaving way early. Its probably like the first day of hunting season in the rural parts of upstate NY where most kids wouldn't even show up for school that day...

In any case, actual Halloween may get blown off.  Buuuut, I'm sure I'll have some new ways to make myself feel guilty so maybe we will end up hitting a few houses.  I HAVE been in the mood for some junior mints. Anyone know where I can get an adult sized polar bear costume?


Upper Level Gumby said...

"Illusionist, Michael. Illusionist."

coachk said...

I think one of those other kids told him "nice skunk costume, dude."

bfisk's crazy days said...

Gob Bluth was there, wow. was he the opening act for tony wonder?

tiffp said...

haha awesome comments

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